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Biography and Foreign Editions

por JB, em 25.08.13
João Tordo was born in Lisbon in 1975. 
He received the José Saramago Literary Prize in 2009 with the novel "As Três Vidas" and the GQ Magazine Literature Award in 2014. He was shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Prize in 2011; twice for the Portuguese Society for Authors Award for Narrative Fiction; and four times for the Fernando Namora Literary Prize.
"O Bom Inverno" was among the final selection for the European Literary Award in 2012.
His books are translated into several languages and published in several countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, among others.

A mulher que correu atrás do vento (2019) is is most recent novel.

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Prémios Literários

--Prémio Literário José Saramago 2009-- --Finalista do Prémio Fernando Namora em 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016-- --Finalista do Prémio Portugal Telecom 2011-- --Finalista do Prémio Ficção da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores-- --Prémio GQ - Man of the Year Literatura 2014--

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